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About h42m47

h42m47 (pronounced hazmat) currently resides in Greater Pittsburgh with her husband and her daughter. She works remotely as a system administrator for a public firm in Silicon Valley. Prior to her current position, she was as a customer service/community manager at a video gaming company.

Her relationship with computer technology dates back to 1994, when she obtained her first PC. Equipped with a 2,400 bps modem, she managed to surf the Internet, and eventually learned editing HTML in Notepad. Little did she know this experience would enable her to land her dot-com job a few years later.

Her favorite activities include traveling, attending metal/hardcore concerts, tasting craft beer, and watching “puroresu” a.k.a. professional wrestling. However, nowadays she spends most of her spare time watching Fixer Upper on HGTV or Tiny House Nation on FYI after her daughter goes to bed.

She also blogs in Japanese in an effort not to forgot her native language.