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The Struggle Is Real

What was wrong back then is still wrong. Just because you went through it and managed to survive, it doesn’t make it right or even acceptable. It is mind-boggling to see some people would rather see the younger generation suffer the same way, instead of being motivated to fix what has been fundamentally wrong.

When I read Stefanie William’s response to Talia Jane’s now-famous open letter to the Yelp CEO, I was so pissed off I felt like foaming at the mouth. The fact that some people applauded her for her snarky remarks infuriated me even more. Are these people f**king serious? Do they not see the fundamental problems that were described in Talia’s letter? The fact that entry-level and even mid-level workers are struggling to survive in the Bay Area has nothing to do with her age or naïveté. So many people are simply not making a living wage. The rent is too damn high. Talia even mentioned one of her coworkers “ended up leaving the company and moving east, somewhere the minimum wage could double as a living wage”. Hmm, that sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

Seriously, dude.
Seriously, dude.

Then there was another response from Sara Lynn Michener. And she nailed every single point that was wrong with the response from Stefanie the Privileged, down to the “kicking your younger sister when she’s down” part. If I knew Sara in real life, I’d probably shake her hand, buy her drinks, or even give her a hug. (I don’t like hugs by the way; if I hug you, it means something special.)

Thank goodness not everyone is blind, clueless, illogical, and/or down-right mean-spirited in this country. I am still in the process of losing faith (or whatever is left thereof) in a large number of population after witnessing how the GOP Primaries have been going, but that’s another story.


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