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They say absence makes the heart fonder. But sometimes, it’s the exact opposite.

We ultimately chose a small house we can call our own in an old community in Pennsylvania over cutting-edge job opportunities and access to countless stores and restaurants in California. While it is obvious that I do not miss paying $2,500 every month for renting a tiny 2/1 duplex, it is rather surprising to me that I have not missed the convenience of Silicon Valley at all.

I practice danshari every so often, but I am far from a minimalist. I absolutely enjoy spending my money. I am very passionate about trying out different kinds of food and beer. I can never go unplugged; I love getting my hands on the latest electronics and gadgets too much.

The question here is not how much or little I decide to have, but what I decide to have.

I used to go to Starbucks by my work almost every day and try every new flavored latte, but ever since I moved here, I’ve been to Starbucks exactly once despite it is only 5 minutes away. I knew every new boba joint in town, I knew what was on tap at the local pubs, and I knew Pliny the Younger was worth lining up several hours for.

All of the above seem so trivial now, except for the Younger. I wholeheartedly admit I feel bummed about not being able to taste that beer this year. But I digress…

It turned out once I had what I really wanted, everything else didn’t matter that much. Sure, I would try the local breweries and restaurants here and there, and I would probably enjoy my latte if I decide to swing by Starbucks one of these days, but they are not that important. I am perfectly content trying to learn how to cook better or keep the house clean nowadays. (It is our house, after all.)

I am very grateful that I feel much more stable now, financially as well as emotionally. Honestly, I never thought I could get to this point in my life.


P.S. Speaking of “grateful”, I was sad to see D-Bry retire. This guy was awesome.


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