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Where I Belong

Ah Winter, how I’ve missed thee.

IMGP0092I was born in February. I’ve always loved the cold weather. I am the complete opposite of Albert Camus: In the midst of summer, I found there was, within me, an invincible winter. How the hell did I manage to survive in tropical South Florida for 13 years, and subtropical Silicon Valley for 9 then? Let’s just say I took every opportunity to fly up to Canada or drive out to Lake Tahoe just to freeze my ass off for a few days…

Today, it’s 22°F in Pittsburgh. If I want to see the snow, all I need to do is look outside the window. Heck, I could even make a snow angel in the backyard if I really wanted.

I guess I am finally where I need to be.


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  1. I love the greenish color in the photo you took. It’s a wonderful image.

    • h42m47 h42m47

      That’s one of the shrubs in our front yard. Not looking forward to having to prune them. Winter forever, please.

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